.nz NTP Network

Welcome to the .nz NTP server network. To find out about NTP, read the Introduction to NTP

The network currently consists of four stratum 1 NTP servers, each with its own GPS time source and internal rubidium oscillator. The page on Network architecture gives further details.

These timeservers are provided primarily for network operators based within New Zealand and peripatetic users who are ordinarily based in NZ. It is not a public network but is covered by an Acceptable use policy.

These NTP servers are operated by NZRS Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the InternetNZ. NZRS is the registry for the .nz domain name space, responsible for the technical and operational management of .nz. If you want to learn more about how .nz is managed and operated then see the Domain Name Commission Limited site, another wholly-owned subsidiary of InternetNZ.

NTP is a core technology for the .nz domain name space, used amongst other things to synchronise data collection across our nameserver network to precisely order distributed events. It is because NTP is such a critical technology to .nz that we provide these timeservers and support them professionally.

If you have any comments to make directly then please contact us.